July 15, 2014 by Ville Raivio

SourceCulture is an artisanal webstore founded in March 2013. The company and store is run by husband’n’wife duo Duncan and Rita MacDonald-Korth, who oversee business development and marketing as well as nurturing promising craftsmen and women. Tamás Welczenbach is the designated photographer in Hungary, Flavia Catena in England. Various contacts around Europe seek out and introduce artisans for SourceCulture’s consideration.



The selection process is manyfold. SourceCulture looks for timeless designs; craftsmen with stories based on passion, commitment, and expertise; authenticity guaranteed by at least partial artisanal craft at the same location where the maker is based. The store also traces the origins of all materials, and prefer small and midsize producers with a genuine culture of make still intact, and where shareholders do not interfere with high-quality design and production.

The store’s story is best told in Rita’s words:

“The idea of the store came when we took a trip to Europe and were fed up with the quality of products you can get in stores, whether they were cheap or very expensive. We then went exploring and found some old-world, small, hidden stores of master craftsmen in Hungary and realized there was a whole other universe of quality hidden from, and overrun, by the mass-produced, low-quality, ‘fast fashion’ jungle that dominates retail today. We talked to these craftsmen and decided we needed to share their knowledge, expertise, and the magnificent beauty of their handmade high-quality products, which will last years or even span generations, just as products used to be.


We want to bring back this old mindset where quality triumphs over quantity, and change the current culture of ‘expectationless’ shopping. Part of our mission is also to be very environmentally-conscious so we set up our business to keep the sales process direct, where the customer receives their items directly from the craftsman, eliminating the emissions caused by unnecessary transport and warehousing of products. We believe everybody deserves the best and nothing less.”

The coming summer months will see a growing selection of home interior textiles and art chosen by SourceCulture. When I ask why Keikari’s reader should choose to shop at SourceCulture, I am replied that the company differentiates itself by supporting master craftsmen keeping their country’s cultural heritage alive. Only products that embody the holy trinity of superb quality, outstanding craftsmanship and timeless design are represented. The company offers free shipping for all goods to all corners of this globe, and bespoken orders are readily available with advice and consultation in English or Hungarian. The webstore’s selection is unique and the company is a welcome addition to the market.

A final word from the owners: “If any readers have suggestions for Finnish craftsmen they would recommend to SourceCulture, please get in touch.”


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