Neapolitan Shoulder Explained


October 8, 2013 by Ville Raivio

A few years ago, Luca’s turquoise eyes and grinning face wasn’t spread all over the Internet to become the meme of Neapolitan ease it is today. The Rubinacci family’s tailoring empire wasn’t such a well-known destination with branches on nearly all continents, fortunellos weren’s gracing the limbs of dapper men in London and NY, and the Neapolitan shoulder was new and enticing. Back then, trailblazers, both men and jackets, had returned from the seaside venue and were in the know. Michael Anton was one of them and he had much to say, to show, to teach.

‘There are three things that can distinguish a Naples-made or Naples-inspired coat shoulder. The first is a lack of padding. The second is a pleated sleevehead. And the third is what the Neapolitans call the spalla camicia, or “shirt shoulder”.’


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  1. […] dart, achieves shape without sacrificing comfort. A gently rounded sleeve head and the option of a Neapolitan shirt shoulder also removes the need for linebacker sized shoulder pads, while also establishing an organic profile […]

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